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Hey, do you know what is this? Do you really know? YEAH, you’re right! It is a Goto Hiromi shop photo set ❤

Not mine though. XD It's just an auction preview. But I'm definitely buying this set.

It's like a dream coming true. I haven't seen any shop photos of Goto since… Well, since Takizawa Enbujou 2008.

And the most important, Goto looks gorgeous! I so love his hair on the photo ❤

If you want to make a fangirl happy, just show her some pics XD

By the way, wonderful Risa has translated another Question? interview. And I has already reposted the translation in the Translations section. Goto and Yori were writing a song together, aww! (*_*) I want to hear that song (>_<)



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And I still can’t tell is it fur or not =D

Just complain if you want something

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It works perfectly for me. Two days ago I whined there are no reports, and now there is one

*runs to read, will be back later*


Oh well. That was short. But it was a report, finally! And there was said about funny Makki’s dogeza ❤ How cute he can be! =D

UCHI with FiVe and Question? stage photos

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Was I complaining about Uchi fans? Yes, I was.
But thanks to one Uchi fan I know for pointing me out that there are photos.
Being a pessimist, I accepted that there is a chance we will not get stage photos of this tour at all.

Now I’ve seen some auction previews of Uchi photos and few Makino photos too. I wish I had better googling skills to find more. But well, now I have a hope I’ll see more later.

Here is Makki:

The most strange face of FiVe ❤

I can’t tell why I think he is beautiful. There is something in his face, I don’t understand what is it myself. But looking at Makino you feel good. Or is it just me?

And here is some Uchi because of a boy in the top right photo:

Is it fur on Yori’s shoulder or it’s just light reflection? =D

So good points are:
◕ There are stage photos for this tour
◕ There are not only Uchi photos (I was a bit worried about that too. If you don’t know a reason, just look how the logo of the tour looks. Photo stolen from one of Japanese blogs)

So I do hope they’ll give us some Goto too. (*_*)
I need to ask the person who helps me to buy stuff to check it ❤ Hope she’ll have some time to check.

Not knowing Japanese makes me sad

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Just three lives to go and still no reports in English =( Hello, non-Japanese Uchi fans, I thought you do exist! I had a hope somebody would collect some info, or may be even would go to a live and write a report. But seems we will end without any information.

Well, not literally “without”. There are set-lists and fan-recorded songs. But that’s not enough (>_<) Anyway, thanks to all people who record songs. It's not the best thing I could wish, but still great. ❤

And I just hope there will be some magazine reports.

By the way, one of songs performed in Nagoya City Hall was uploaded to Youtube. People subscribed to ansjworld's channel had probably already heard it.

The song is nice. Not amazing, not great, okay, but nice. And violin fits it. I wonder, does Yori still think violin isn't rock?


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The blog name is lame, I know. But I’m too lasy to think about something better right now. I’ll probably change the name later. The layout is temporary too. I don’t really like colors but I like the header. And again, I’m lasy. So I leave it like this now.

Since my blog is friends-only and I don’t want to change that, I decided to take my fangirling out of there. So here I am. =3

I am not going to post magazines scans or videos or some other media here. They are mostly not mine, so I don’t feel like I have right to repost them. But I have Risa’s permission to repost her translations, so I’ll place them in this blog. May be it will help some people who also like Goto and (or) Question?.

Well, let’s start =3

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