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I have nothing to write about, and I guess I still will have nothing for about a week. Then will be a Shokura and I hope we will get some Question? fun. But it’s still a week away from us, so now I can only wait and guess what it will be like.

So I decided to post some pictures here. Today I uploaded some photos I have. They are posted openly because I scanned them myself, and I never was a fan of “no reposting or I find and kill you” policy. I just hope there will be somebody who needs them =D

A few days later I’ll post magazine pages, but they will be password protected. Unfortunately, I’m still not as rich as I need to be to buy a whole magazine for just a one page. So since these pages weren’t scanned by me, I have no right to repost them openly. If I use something another people made, I should follow their rules. Yes, forbidden reposting makes me sick, but I hate to brake my promises too.

Oh well, I have some plans, and if I’ll be able to fulfil them, I’ll probably have magazines scans to share without any passwords and “no-reposting”. Like I said before, I don’t like this policy at all.

See you later! (^_^)

– and +

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I shouldn’t write it, but I just need to find a place to express my irritation.

There is a girl writing porn fanfiction. And now she posts it using a Goto userpic. (x_x) This makes me sick.

You know, I have nothing about fanfics, and I have almost nothing about high-rated ones. It’s okay to have fantasies, even that kind of fantasies. At least, if somebody has no personal life, they need a replacement or it will be not good for their health. But a fic about 10 young (mostly underage) boys having sex together is just too much.

And now that above-mentioned girl uses a picture with Goto when she posts her NC-17 fics to different communities.

I do hope she won’t write a fic about him.

I already can’t bear the girl, no need to despise her more, thanks.

Okay, now to the good side. Beautiful Mind perform was beautiful. I still can’t stop to rewatch it at least once a day. The song has magic, and I’m glad they didn’t forget it after Yone leaving. And Goto with Akun were so cute and funny in the end. I couldn’t stop myself from making a gif of that moment =D But being as lasy as I am, I didn’t optimize it. So now it is about 15 Mb. Totally not good to use in Internet =DD

And now to the best. February Shokuras will be so worth to watch! It would be interesting even just with these three songs they performed, but with Question? Abake it will be even better. I can’t wait to see it!

But I need to be prepared for more Goto-teasing, I guess =D

New Year live

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So FiVe and Question? with Uchi had a live today.
I still don’t know Japanese. (Is it unexpected? =D) So the all things I know about their live are names of songs they sang.

Question? had performed about 10 songs. I like that there were Frozen Sky (because I love the song), Beast Soul (because it has a special meaning for me as a Goto fan >_<), Wabisuke (I don't know why I like it but well, I do) and that song I like but don't know how to read it's name. (Oops =3)
And this time they also sang Beautiful Mind, Parallel World and It's a party. Thinking more about it, I realize I will accept it. It would be a waste to forgot such good songs just because something has changed.
And to remember your past means to respect it. And these songs does mean something to the group, right?

So starting from now I stop to weep about Yone-Question? songs.

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