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January 29, 2010 at 1:04 pm | Posted in Goto, photos, random thoughts | Leave a comment

I have nothing to write about, and I guess I still will have nothing for about a week. Then will be a Shokura and I hope we will get some Question? fun. But it’s still a week away from us, so now I can only wait and guess what it will be like.

So I decided to post some pictures here. Today I uploaded some photos I have. They are posted openly because I scanned them myself, and I never was a fan of “no reposting or I find and kill you” policy. I just hope there will be somebody who needs them =D

A few days later I’ll post magazine pages, but they will be password protected. Unfortunately, I’m still not as rich as I need to be to buy a whole magazine for just a one page. So since these pages weren’t scanned by me, I have no right to repost them openly. If I use something another people made, I should follow their rules. Yes, forbidden reposting makes me sick, but I hate to brake my promises too.

Oh well, I have some plans, and if I’ll be able to fulfil them, I’ll probably have magazines scans to share without any passwords and “no-reposting”. Like I said before, I don’t like this policy at all.

See you later! (^_^)

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