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Seems my browser doesn’t want me to write about Shokura. I tried to make a proper post with my impressions, but once I couldn’t send it (and I couldn’t even copy the text (-_-)), and the second try failed too.

Well, not that I was going to write anything worth people attention. I just really loved Question? + A.B.C.-Z performance, even considering Naked seriously lacked Tsukada %)

And I think Frozen Sky will always take my breath away. No matter how often I’m listening to it, it makes the same effect.
But I still rewatch it again and again. The song is just too beautiful.

4sh /credit to fumatanj4@youtube

Question? Abake

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Okay, I am oficially broken.


I hope it will be subbed. It’s so worth subbing! ❤

Now I can watch all Sounen Club from begining =3

Shokura Shokura

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I want Sokura~



I want Question? Abake…

You don’t need to have super-strong imgination to suppose that now I am jumping around my computer and singing these lines.
That means I can’t wait to see Shiokura uploaded somewhere.

Especially afler I read in my friend’s blog that they talked about “Yodi as gyaru”. Huh? Gyaru Yodi?
I want want want to see this Abake! =DD

Okay, now I am leaving back to waiting. Patience is a virtue =3

Edit: Okay, Shokura already IS uploaded. But I can’t watch it now because my computer works odd (O_o) Hope he will stop acting weird soon.

Jr Calendar

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I’m super slow like usually. Recent issue of Myojo had previews of Juniors Calendar, but I’ve seen them only yesterday.

I’m kinda glad because one of photographers was Okamoto Kenichi, I’ve been hoping for this since a moment I’ve heard the calendar would be made by Myojo. I am also glad that they still didn’t forget Harada brothers. It will be the third year since Yuma and Shintaro became brothers, right? I like them together, so I hope we will see Harada brothers forever. What else did I like? Well, may be Totsuka’s face when Hasshi was pretending to kiss him.

But I want to ask one thing. Why there were zero Question? photos? Does this lack of Question? mean they won’t be in Jr Calendar, and all we will get would be Kisumai+A.B.C.-Z+Yuma+Shintaro’s Choir+some random KanJu? I don’t want this.

There is a chance Question? weren’t presented there because they are not Myojo regulars. I hope that’s the reason.

But if not, I’ll be happy I hadn’t ordered the Calendar.

In other news, Olya showed me a picture of Goto from Takizawa Kakumei pamplet (or what that was again? Dear Takki, why do you always choose such confusing similar names for your shows? (>_<)). And Goto looks… well, not as bad as he looked in last year Ai Kakumei pamphlet. I even like this photo. I even don't complain he looks a bit girly there. But why they alway do something weird with his hair for pamplet shoots? It's a mystery for me.

Takizawa Kakumei 2010 Pamph

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