Inohara Yoshikiho – Haru wo Matou

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I’ve rewatched this yesterday, and now I am re-listening this song since then. The song means a lot for me as a fan and also as a person. This performance is like a symbol of hope, maybe? Oh well, I don’t know how to put it in words even in my mother language, so it’s useless to try to say it in English. (-_-;)

May mags

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Did I say I shouldn’t be a whining fan? Seems I fail even in this not so big task.

I won’t lie if I say that Question? pages in May magazines made me speechless. I believe everybody who read this blog have already seen scans at Yoshiko’s LJ.

I often say that after some years being a Juniors fan – not so many years actually, but well, still some – I got used to bad news and have accepted that every junior can quit anytime. But ‘I accepted’ doesn’t mean ‘I’m not afraid of that’. I still afraid that Goto can quit.

There was time when people, and me among them, thought Goto had quit. That time wasn’t a pleasure. It sure wasn’t. And I definitely don’t want to be back to that time again.

So when I’ve opened a Wink Up page, I tried to find Goto’s name in the text. And it was there, mentioned by members. If Yoshiko has got it right, Goto was sick when photos and inerviews were made.

I wonder, when shooting for magazines took place. Goto was on stage at first Takizawa Kabuki performances, so if he was able to be there then, he would be able to make it for magazines too. So, were shooting and interview before or after that?

Oh well, I just hope he is okay now.

Unbelievable News!

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Goto actually has a body!

What, are you saying that’s not news? Well, maybe for you. : D

But I’ve never thought about it.
So, today I’ve been reading Takizawa Kabuki spoilers, and there was said that Goto was in a scene where all Juniors were half-naked.

And I became like, “Wait a moment. Goto, too? But how could it be?”
It’s not that I think this is gross or something, I know he’ll be 21 this year. And he is a man, not an image, so having a body is pretty normal, right?

But that was the first time when I’ve realised that Goto ACTUALLY DOES HAVE A BODY. Not only eyes to see, hands to play violin and wear rings : D : D, voice to sing or speak and smile to save this world.

And realising that this knowledge was new for me was… Well, quite surprising : D

I wonder, what’s going on inside my brain? =D

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