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So, Yoshiko said Question? will perform Mihari in next Shokura.
It is a good song, I like it, but I have some mixed feelings about that future performance. No, it’s not because I think the song won’t be the same without Yone. I think I eventually accepted new Question? (though I obviously like them less now, sad but true).

The reason is the song itself. I am not sure, but it’s probably the most often performed by kohais Otokogumi song. Is it or isn’t it, but I guess if we’d counted, Mihari would be in top-three anyway, with Midnight Train and Aki. Wait, I’ve almost missed Daybreak. Well, in top-four then.

I don’t think a song can become worse because it’s used too many times, but really, could they choose another song?
I’d really love to hear one of new Question? songs. If we pretend that two months or something isn’t a big deal, it’s almost a year since Question? became the Question? they became. And how many of their new songs have we heard? Two? Oh my, if we won’t count fan-recordings, that’ll make really just two songs, right?

Maybe it is the reason I don’t love Question? as much as I wish to love it.

Putting complaints aside, even if they – I don’t mean Question?, I mean people making decisions about songs – even if they were so determined to give Question? an Otokogumi song, why couldn’t they choose another one at least? There are lots of good their songs that weren’t re-singed zillions of times, and to hear Question? performing one of them would be amazingly great.

Oh well, it’s not me in charge of desicions, so I’ll stop my pointless blabs for now and will start to wait for next Shokura. Because I actually like the song, so it’d be interesting to hear it again. Especially with Goto’s violin. And I hope with his voice also, though this wish doesn’t seem very real.


Precious Memories

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That was good but nothing special. But good. Though well, in my current mood I could be made glad by anything, so I’m not the best person to judge the performance.

And I miss Goto’s voice, I do miss it. And that hairstyle suits him. And oh my, I miss his voice, really.

All I want to say about Uchi with Quesion? at Zoom In 100503

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I’ll just pretend I hadn’t seen it.

I think it was pretty noticeable that I didn’t write here for long time. There was like nothing to talk about, and I wasn’t in mood to write about Question? or Goto or whatever due to some troubles in real life. Now I have more troubles – but that’s temporary, I know, so somehow I’ll manage that – and less things I want to write about. Thank you my dear Universe, I love you too.

EDIT: Okay, maybe I am too hysterical about it. Takizawa Kabuki takes place in the very same time with Ore no Uchi ni…, so probably there is nothing to worry about. I should stop panic every single time I don’t see Goto with Question?, really. I wish it were possible %)

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