It’s been almost a month

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See, I’m not really good in making anything that needs any effort. And writing in English sure needs it.
I have an excuse though, there weren’t much news since then.

But today I am waiting for Shokura – which is uploading right now as I see – and have some not really new but still nice news.

First, Question? are presented in Johnny’s Jr Calendar. This is a good thing and they all look good there too. Well, with the exception of Goto in profile picture. That’s sure not the best photo of him I’ve seen (>_>) But Question? group shot is nice, I like it a lot. And if we beleive the profile – okay, I shouldn’t say “if” here, we should always believe in profile information, even when Takizawa says his height is 2.5 meters, because what else we have to believe? – so, if we beleive that profile, Goto is 170 cm now. That’s a surprise. For me, he looks taller. Well, that’s good because that means he is well-proportioned (^_^)
Also, I think Goto had mentioned snorkeling. Awww, Goto, I envy you if you’ve tried it, I want to try it too (*_*)

Second, a friend of mine shared with me last year J-Rock Dream Matchy fancam. I’ve already wrote something about it in my livejournal. But now I’ve watched it and well, I’ve got some things to say. The thing that has disappointed me the most was the simple lack of Question? there. I don’t know was their part just cutted off from the fancam or it was just impossible to record it – I do keep in ming that making fancams isn’t easy, with staff watching and so on – but that was disappointing anyway. Though I could see them in some songs and that was nice. Yonemura was the first in the list of Question? members in the ending video. Oh… (>__>) And Goto was in that video too. In his training suit again. XD I’ve seen him wearing this so many times that I’m ready to think he had no other clothes then XD But Goto looks good in it and it’s brobably cosy, so that’s okay.

And third. Risa was so kind and had translated another Question? article, from December Potato this time. The guys were talking about things that make them curious. And some answers were really fun to read. Escpecially fun was comparing their answers. I mean, compare Akun questioning himself about power of sound and Yodo wondering why there are no convenience stores in an area he lives XD You can read the translation here.

That’s all so far. Now I’m going to watch my Shokura before it get deleted from youtube because of people embeding videos here and there =3


New Year live

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So FiVe and Question? with Uchi had a live today.
I still don’t know Japanese. (Is it unexpected? =D) So the all things I know about their live are names of songs they sang.

Question? had performed about 10 songs. I like that there were Frozen Sky (because I love the song), Beast Soul (because it has a special meaning for me as a Goto fan >_<), Wabisuke (I don't know why I like it but well, I do) and that song I like but don't know how to read it's name. (Oops =3)
And this time they also sang Beautiful Mind, Parallel World and It's a party. Thinking more about it, I realize I will accept it. It would be a waste to forgot such good songs just because something has changed.
And to remember your past means to respect it. And these songs does mean something to the group, right?

So starting from now I stop to weep about Yone-Question? songs.

Just complain if you want something

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It works perfectly for me. Two days ago I whined there are no reports, and now there is one

*runs to read, will be back later*


Oh well. That was short. But it was a report, finally! And there was said about funny Makki’s dogeza ❤ How cute he can be! =D

UCHI with FiVe and Question? stage photos

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Was I complaining about Uchi fans? Yes, I was.
But thanks to one Uchi fan I know for pointing me out that there are photos.
Being a pessimist, I accepted that there is a chance we will not get stage photos of this tour at all.

Now I’ve seen some auction previews of Uchi photos and few Makino photos too. I wish I had better googling skills to find more. But well, now I have a hope I’ll see more later.

Here is Makki:

The most strange face of FiVe ❤

I can’t tell why I think he is beautiful. There is something in his face, I don’t understand what is it myself. But looking at Makino you feel good. Or is it just me?

And here is some Uchi because of a boy in the top right photo:

Is it fur on Yori’s shoulder or it’s just light reflection? =D

So good points are:
◕ There are stage photos for this tour
◕ There are not only Uchi photos (I was a bit worried about that too. If you don’t know a reason, just look how the logo of the tour looks. Photo stolen from one of Japanese blogs)

So I do hope they’ll give us some Goto too. (*_*)
I need to ask the person who helps me to buy stuff to check it ❤ Hope she’ll have some time to check.

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