His Birthday

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I have nothing to say. I just wish him best. And may his smile forever stay warm and healing like it is.


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So, Yoshiko said Question? will perform Mihari in next Shokura.
It is a good song, I like it, but I have some mixed feelings about that future performance. No, it’s not because I think the song won’t be the same without Yone. I think I eventually accepted new Question? (though I obviously like them less now, sad but true).

The reason is the song itself. I am not sure, but it’s probably the most often performed by kohais Otokogumi song. Is it or isn’t it, but I guess if we’d counted, Mihari would be in top-three anyway, with Midnight Train and Aki. Wait, I’ve almost missed Daybreak. Well, in top-four then.

I don’t think a song can become worse because it’s used too many times, but really, could they choose another song?
I’d really love to hear one of new Question? songs. If we pretend that two months or something isn’t a big deal, it’s almost a year since Question? became the Question? they became. And how many of their new songs have we heard? Two? Oh my, if we won’t count fan-recordings, that’ll make really just two songs, right?

Maybe it is the reason I don’t love Question? as much as I wish to love it.

Putting complaints aside, even if they – I don’t mean Question?, I mean people making decisions about songs – even if they were so determined to give Question? an Otokogumi song, why couldn’t they choose another one at least? There are lots of good their songs that weren’t re-singed zillions of times, and to hear Question? performing one of them would be amazingly great.

Oh well, it’s not me in charge of desicions, so I’ll stop my pointless blabs for now and will start to wait for next Shokura. Because I actually like the song, so it’d be interesting to hear it again. Especially with Goto’s violin. And I hope with his voice also, though this wish doesn’t seem very real.

Precious Memories

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That was good but nothing special. But good. Though well, in my current mood I could be made glad by anything, so I’m not the best person to judge the performance.

And I miss Goto’s voice, I do miss it. And that hairstyle suits him. And oh my, I miss his voice, really.

All I want to say about Uchi with Quesion? at Zoom In 100503

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I’ll just pretend I hadn’t seen it.

I think it was pretty noticeable that I didn’t write here for long time. There was like nothing to talk about, and I wasn’t in mood to write about Question? or Goto or whatever due to some troubles in real life. Now I have more troubles – but that’s temporary, I know, so somehow I’ll manage that – and less things I want to write about. Thank you my dear Universe, I love you too.

EDIT: Okay, maybe I am too hysterical about it. Takizawa Kabuki takes place in the very same time with Ore no Uchi ni…, so probably there is nothing to worry about. I should stop panic every single time I don’t see Goto with Question?, really. I wish it were possible %)

Inohara Yoshikiho – Haru wo Matou

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I’ve rewatched this yesterday, and now I am re-listening this song since then. The song means a lot for me as a fan and also as a person. This performance is like a symbol of hope, maybe? Oh well, I don’t know how to put it in words even in my mother language, so it’s useless to try to say it in English. (-_-;)

May mags

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Did I say I shouldn’t be a whining fan? Seems I fail even in this not so big task.

I won’t lie if I say that Question? pages in May magazines made me speechless. I believe everybody who read this blog have already seen scans at Yoshiko’s LJ.

I often say that after some years being a Juniors fan – not so many years actually, but well, still some – I got used to bad news and have accepted that every junior can quit anytime. But ‘I accepted’ doesn’t mean ‘I’m not afraid of that’. I still afraid that Goto can quit.

There was time when people, and me among them, thought Goto had quit. That time wasn’t a pleasure. It sure wasn’t. And I definitely don’t want to be back to that time again.

So when I’ve opened a Wink Up page, I tried to find Goto’s name in the text. And it was there, mentioned by members. If Yoshiko has got it right, Goto was sick when photos and inerviews were made.

I wonder, when shooting for magazines took place. Goto was on stage at first Takizawa Kabuki performances, so if he was able to be there then, he would be able to make it for magazines too. So, were shooting and interview before or after that?

Oh well, I just hope he is okay now.

Unbelievable News!

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Goto actually has a body!

What, are you saying that’s not news? Well, maybe for you. : D

But I’ve never thought about it.
So, today I’ve been reading Takizawa Kabuki spoilers, and there was said that Goto was in a scene where all Juniors were half-naked.

And I became like, “Wait a moment. Goto, too? But how could it be?”
It’s not that I think this is gross or something, I know he’ll be 21 this year. And he is a man, not an image, so having a body is pretty normal, right?

But that was the first time when I’ve realised that Goto ACTUALLY DOES HAVE A BODY. Not only eyes to see, hands to play violin and wear rings : D : D, voice to sing or speak and smile to save this world.

And realising that this knowledge was new for me was… Well, quite surprising : D

I wonder, what’s going on inside my brain? =D

Takizawa Kakumei and rest (with Uchi’s show included)

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Needless to say, when it comes to watching Takizawa’s DVDs, I have no patience. And that’s not because of Takizawa but because of lots of Juniors. Sorry for all Takki fans, but for me everything I’ve seen from him is like a bunch of clones of a very same show, just with different decorations.

But this is always a great chance to see some Juniors I like. Goto, too.

There are some things, how to call them more correct? I-can’t-even-imagine-any-Takizawa’s-show-without-them things. They are:
∎ sparkles
∎ flying
∎ sparkles
∎ traditional clothes
∎ swords
∎ fights
∎ sparkles
∎ some Takki’s ally dying in Takki’s arms
∎ sparkles
∎ Goto’s violin

Unfortunately, Goto had appeared there like 2.5 times, and that was a way less than I’d expected.

Fortunately, he looked amazing in that dark red outfit he was wearing in the ship scene.

But really, this lack of Goto made me want to rewatch Dream Boys 2007, where he was a part of a play. Not very big part though, but he still had more lines than some of Kisumai – like Miyata, if my memory doesn’t play trick on me – and had participated in fights and so on. Goto not only played violin for couple minutes, he actually had had time on stage. Oh, but his name was excluded from ending titles anyway, right. (-_-;) But that’s how it always is.

Oh, but I don’t want to turn into a more boring and whining fan than I already am. So if my hope hadn’t became true, I just need to find some another thing to hope. And thanks to some unknown to me but probably smart Johnny’s managers, I’ve got a new hope right after my previous had been torn to pieces.

This is Uchi’s May shows.

It’s so nice that they are sheduled from 1st to 9th of May, really! First, it’s Golden Week in Japan, right? Second, there are holidays in these days in my country, too. So if I won’t go out of my studying and work shedules, I’d be able to follow news.

I just should keep in mind that Uchi usually means U C H I – especially when the show is named ‘Ore no Uchi ni Kite Kure’ =D – and don’t expect too much. And if there will be something more than I expect, I’ll be happy. ❤


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Oh well… I should have been prepared for this. I should have known Uchi usually means U C H I. But I still expected more Q?
And Goto hadn’t got any introduction. Nice. (x_x)

And new Take’s haircut looks weird.

That was all bad things I wanted to say, thank you.

Now about some better moments.

– TaMaKi were amazing. More than amazing! I wonder, how long have they been performing like this, always together but without being an official group. They are good enough to be a proper group with some proper weird name, why their management didn’t give them a name?

– M.A.D. as U C H I ‘s backdancers _>)

– TJ with Senga

– U C H I ‘s love for Question? members in a game

– Aww, I’ve said something else, but somehow wordpress didn’t add this to my post. And now I forgot what I wanted to say (>_>)

Whatever, today was a long long long day.

Maybe I’d see a proper Question? performance in my dream.


It’s been almost a month

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See, I’m not really good in making anything that needs any effort. And writing in English sure needs it.
I have an excuse though, there weren’t much news since then.

But today I am waiting for Shokura – which is uploading right now as I see – and have some not really new but still nice news.

First, Question? are presented in Johnny’s Jr Calendar. This is a good thing and they all look good there too. Well, with the exception of Goto in profile picture. That’s sure not the best photo of him I’ve seen (>_>) But Question? group shot is nice, I like it a lot. And if we beleive the profile – okay, I shouldn’t say “if” here, we should always believe in profile information, even when Takizawa says his height is 2.5 meters, because what else we have to believe? – so, if we beleive that profile, Goto is 170 cm now. That’s a surprise. For me, he looks taller. Well, that’s good because that means he is well-proportioned (^_^)
Also, I think Goto had mentioned snorkeling. Awww, Goto, I envy you if you’ve tried it, I want to try it too (*_*)

Second, a friend of mine shared with me last year J-Rock Dream Matchy fancam. I’ve already wrote something about it in my livejournal. But now I’ve watched it and well, I’ve got some things to say. The thing that has disappointed me the most was the simple lack of Question? there. I don’t know was their part just cutted off from the fancam or it was just impossible to record it – I do keep in ming that making fancams isn’t easy, with staff watching and so on – but that was disappointing anyway. Though I could see them in some songs and that was nice. Yonemura was the first in the list of Question? members in the ending video. Oh… (>__>) And Goto was in that video too. In his training suit again. XD I’ve seen him wearing this so many times that I’m ready to think he had no other clothes then XD But Goto looks good in it and it’s brobably cosy, so that’s okay.

And third. Risa was so kind and had translated another Question? article, from December Potato this time. The guys were talking about things that make them curious. And some answers were really fun to read. Escpecially fun was comparing their answers. I mean, compare Akun questioning himself about power of sound and Yodo wondering why there are no convenience stores in an area he lives XD You can read the translation here.

That’s all so far. Now I’m going to watch my Shokura before it get deleted from youtube because of people embeding videos here and there =3

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