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Oh well… I should have been prepared for this. I should have known Uchi usually means U C H I. But I still expected more Q?
And Goto hadn’t got any introduction. Nice. (x_x)

And new Take’s haircut looks weird.

That was all bad things I wanted to say, thank you.

Now about some better moments.

– TaMaKi were amazing. More than amazing! I wonder, how long have they been performing like this, always together but without being an official group. They are good enough to be a proper group with some proper weird name, why their management didn’t give them a name?

– M.A.D. as U C H I ‘s backdancers _>)

– TJ with Senga

– U C H I ‘s love for Question? members in a game

– Aww, I’ve said something else, but somehow wordpress didn’t add this to my post. And now I forgot what I wanted to say (>_>)

Whatever, today was a long long long day.

Maybe I’d see a proper Question? performance in my dream.


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