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Not buying, sorry.

My voice of reason just doesn’t let me to.

May be later, when their songs would sound more interesting.

I shouldn’t feel guilty about this, but somehow I feel. (>_>)

I want to support Yone, right. But I’m not as rich to pay for music that doesn’t move me.


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The blog name is lame, I know. But I’m too lasy to think about something better right now. I’ll probably change the name later. The layout is temporary too. I don’t really like colors but I like the header. And again, I’m lasy. So I leave it like this now.

Since my blog is friends-only and I don’t want to change that, I decided to take my fangirling out of there. So here I am. =3

I am not going to post magazines scans or videos or some other media here. They are mostly not mine, so I don’t feel like I have right to repost them. But I have Risa’s permission to repost her translations, so I’ll place them in this blog. May be it will help some people who also like Goto and (or) Question?.

Well, let’s start =3

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